Ddf Network - Kiara Lord Borrows Her Stepdaughter Lottie Magnie's Sex Toys Before She & Her Bf Join In

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Description: New stepmom Kiara Lord can't believe how messy her stepdaughter is. She goes into Lottie Magne's room and finds everything in disarray. But while she's going through Lottie's stuff, she finds Lottie's vibrating dildo. Kiara is intrigued -- she's never used toys before! But after the svelte blonde settles her taut twat on the vibrating toy, she experiences waves of ecstasy she's never known before. But just as Kiara is about to cum again, Lottie's boyfriend Josh bounds into the room with his clothes off, shocked to discover that it's his girlfriend's stepmom in the bed -- fucking herself, no less! He's embarrassed, but now that Kiara's already primed and ready for more action, she invites the skinny young hunk to join her. Josh can't resist for long; he always noticed that Kiara, with her buxom bosom and curvy ass, was a hottie just like her stepdaughter. After she blows him they settle in for some nice 69ing, and then Josh takes her pussy by storm doggystyle. It's just then that skinny redheaded schoolgirl Lottie gets home and catches them red-handed! While confused at first, she can't resist her stepmom's invitation to join in. Soon both the girls are smoking Josh's rigid peace pipe before he flips Lottie over and has at her gash with Kiara's eager help. Then Josh takes a turn with Kiara riding him in reverse cowgirl before she dismounts and he takes his girlfriend from behind while the two ladies are 69ing. Finally he spurts his seed into their eager mouths, and then Josh is done for the time being -- but as the scene ends, these two horny hussies are just getting warmed up for each other!
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