Sex Art - Girls Love Sex - The Lost Tapes Episode 7

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Description: Cute blonde Aaliyah Love lights up the screen with her perky personality and cheerleader looks in episode seven of "Girls Love Sex – The Lost Tapes." Her smile is enchanting as she answers questions from director Bo Llanberris and his hot redhead assistant Elle Alexandra about her life in the adult industry. This reprise of the classic SexArt series created by legendary auteur Zalman King gives erotic models the opportunity to express their sensuality with candid interviews and intimate masturbation footage. These previously unreleased episodes have been remastered in 4K. Formerly a pre-school teacher, Aaliyah reveals that she was very shy and did not think of herself as a sexual person. She tried doing webcam modeling just to pay her rent, but found that she loved all the attention she got, and decided to get into making erotic movies. She blushes adorably as she talks about sex with male talent Logan Pierce, intercut with explicit unseen footage of them together. Her sexual advice is to read someone’s body language and learn what pleases them. At this point, Elle crawls under the table to take off Aaliyah’s panties! Undressing for the camera, Aaliyah caresses her petite breasts as she starts to masturbate, stroking the soft hair on her mound of Venus and then plunging her fingers into her pussy. She diddles herself vigorously, rocking her hips up and gasping with arousal as she rubs her clit until a powerful orgasm overwhelms her.
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