Sex Art - Love Gets Me High

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Description: Cute redhead Dolly Dyson has fun at the beach with Charlie Dean, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Love Gets Me High" begins. The lovers splash around in the ocean, then rush back to their vacation home hand-in-hand, kissing passionately as soon as they make it through the door. Charlie unties Dolly’s bikini top and fondles her beautiful breasts, then tugs at the strings that hold her panties together and lets them drop. They stagger up the stairs, wrapped in each other’s arms, until voracious Dolly frees Charlie’s cock from his shorts and takes it in her eager mouth. He fingerbangs her audibly soaked pussy vigorously, then lifts her leg over his hip and thrusts his cock into her. Bent backwards over the stair rail, the lovers fuck frenetically, breathless and trembling with lust. They switch to doggy, slamming together wildly, before Dolly kneels to resume her blowjob. She gazes up at Charlie as she licks and sucks his stiff cock, her lips sliding along the thick shaft and her tongue swiping over the head. She straddles him in cowgirl, skewering herself on his erection and bouncing energetically as wave after wave of pleasure sweeps through her. After Dolly has a powerful squirting orgasm, they take a shower together, fucking under the streaming water with Dolly’s leg over Charlie’s shoulder so he can thrust deep. They climax together, bodies entwined.
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Models: Dolly